Movie: “Watchmen”

For me, the climax of the film was the opening title sequence, which was a montage of alternate history scenes. So it’s odd that the message of the ending seems to be that this world is important because it happened one way and not another.

Car: Volkswagen New Beetle

(And not the new New Beetle, which is just the Beetle.) Utterly fails my test in which I push the driver seat all the way back and see if I can sit comfortably behind it. The slanting rear window forces me to twist my head and duck on every bump. Also, works better for my boss’s teenage daughter than for him.

A person: Joy

Five seconds is far too short to tell the story of my wife. In honor of our tenth anniversary:

1. She’s great fun to get married to. We had the most enjoyable wedding day, which she planned to perfection.

2. Although she doesn’t like hearing puns on her name, she gives me and many others a deep and abiding joy that isn’t just shallow happiness.

3. Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares about people as much as my wife. Not just family and friends, but everybody.

4. Can you translate seamlessly from Spanish to English? English to Spanish? A language you’ve never learned (Italian) to English? She can.

5. When it comes to parenting, we are almost always on the same wavelength. It’s a rare thing to never need to question the judgement of your spouse they need to teach or discipline your child.

6. Nobody knows me as well: she got me a Kindle Touch, which even I didn’t know I wanted.

7. “Confidence” was a word coined for people like Joy. What’s more, she’s very good at instilling confidence in others when they/I need it.

8. Adventures with Joy (like hiking back to our car in the dark with steep cliffs on both sides of the trail) are more fun and rewarding than solo adventures. We make a great team.

9. I really can’t imagine being married to anyone else. This life is the one I’d chose and share with her if I didn’t already have it.


By yourself you’re unprotected.
With a friend you can face the worst.
Can you round up a third?
A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.